Backup and Recovery Solutions in a New Era

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New challenges are constantly being issued at the address of information security, which is why the need for more efficient backup and recovery solutions is on the rise. Companies need to make sure that their information is stored securely, and using remote locations for storing backups is just one of the solutions that are currently implemented as a necessity.

Incremental backups

A solution in use for recovering entire systems in case of virtual or real disasters is to create incremental backups. This basically means that backups are created on a regular basis, to make sure that the system has been saved in its most recent form. This method ensures that the system can be recovered even when there is no bit of information left, as the result of a natural disaster or cyber attack.

Consolidating backup structures

One of the most important goals for companies right now is to consolidate the backup structures in use, in order to ensure that sensible data can be retrieved whenever the need arises. An interesting trend is that companies are also looking at deepening the visibility of these backup structures for individuals that are directly involved in their activity. Special teams are created, to be in charge of storing backups, creating applications for the recovery of information, and for virtualization. While this may seem like a dissemination of control, it actually involves more IT professionals in protecting data, and enhances responsibility throughout the company.

The link between backup technologies and business acceleration

The companies capable of moving forward at the greatest speed are those that have great control over their backup technologies. Business continuity is of the utmost importance, and having access to reliable backup and recovery solutions ensures that businesses are not brought to a halt, when a large scale recovery is needed.

New backup solutions have to be faster

What is required in terms of software innovation when it comes to backup and recovery solutions is for these technologies to be faster. While security of backup structures is still of utmost importance, speed comes as a close second. In a rapidly changing world, business continuity cannot be ensured unless the technologies used are not fast and reliable enough to restore a system, when the need arises.

Data protection intelligence

Making backups in the old traditional way can still be used, but it has to converge with data protection intelligence. This now comes built in with various applications and servers, but compatibility is still required. IT departments in charge of security, the backup teams, and those in charge of storage and virtualization have to be well aware of such necessities, so they can use the systems placed at their disposal at their maximum capacity.

Increased visibility and control for backup teams, as well as for managers of application and virtualization teams, is very important, because it allows specialists to act quickly based on the information provided by actions taken against a system. Backup solutions work hand in hand with data security, which means that more knowledgeable expertise will be required from these specialists during the following years.

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