Oracle is the first company to offer proactive customer service

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Live chat support is one of the most popular methods employed by companies for offering customer support on the spot. However, it seems that customer response has not been up to expectations, as users still prefer other channels of communications in order to obtain the answers they seek. Oracle intends to take that non-stop live chat support systems to a whole new level, by introducing Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service.

Defining the problem

Nowadays, people use about three channels of communication in average for receiving answers related to products and services. By any means, this sounds excessive, and live chat should be able to solve any issue, cutting down on the time wasted by customers with trying to contact customer support through other channels. However, this does not seem to be the case, and the main issue with this services is that they seem incapable of providing customers with the answers and support they are seeking.

What is this new product all about?

Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service is part of the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service and it benefits from the novelties introduced with the Oracle Engagement Engine Cloud Service. As it is the case with cloud computing technologies, the new product from Oracle is intended for collecting and processing big chunks of data in order to provide companies and businesses with more on-the-spot reliable prediction models for consumer behavior.

The main issue that seems to afflict live chat support system is the fact that consumers do not find the answers they want when they contact this form of customer support. What bothers consumers to the largest extent is that they find the answers they receive too general and not tailored to their needs.

With Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service, customer behavior and specific characteristics will have a say in what kind of support will be provided. Through this tool, companies will be able to assign the proper agents to respond to customer questions, streamlining the entire customer support process.

A personal touch

The problem with most live support systems is that they are not customizable and they do not provide a personal experience to customers. This is the main reason why customers prefer to contact a company over the phone or via email, which detracts from the actual role that should be assigned to chat support.

The product released by Oracle has the role of introducing proactive features to live support. Large companies tend to be less personalized in the customer support they provide, but this will change with the help of Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service.

It is a way of bringing human touch to the way interactions are taking place in the online environment. For instance, it is more profitable for a company if the chat agent taking a request from a customer will know what kind of deals to advertise to the respective customer, based on their preferences. The tool also reduces the necessity to spend a lot of time completing complicated online forms, which means more pleased customers.

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