3 Ways To Restore Your Relationship Romance

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Meeting the person that you want to share your whole life with is a very magical experience that often leads to marriage and settling down. During the first few years as a newlywed, you are both passionate about spending time with each other. However, sometimes things change. Unfortunately, there are some couples who feel that the fire of passion has burned out and that their relationship they share with their partner is slowly becoming just a routine. Everyday is ordinary. In other words, you feel that you need to save your marriage at once.

Perhaps, at one point of your relationship with your partner, you have felt the same. Everybody goes through this. But it does not mean that you cannot revive your relationship. There are many ways to ignite the fire once again, save your marriage marriage, and to make your days worthwhile.

Here are some tips that you can do to save your marriage:

1. Remind your partner of the things that you love most about him/her

Maybe one of the reasons why you felt that your marriage is falling apart is because you and your partner are now spending lesser times together. If both of you are employed, then days will come wherein you do not get to see each other because you are both stressed out from work to talk before going to sleep. One of the keys to save your marriage is to make time for each other. Constantly surprise your partner to add spice to your relationship. Leave little notes around the house that are addressed to him/her expressing your love or the things that you are proud about him/her.

2. Do not hold back, give him/her spontaneous kisses and hugs

Touches, hugs, and kisses are very comforting especially if they come from your special someone. Once your partner arrives from work, welcome him/her with a kiss or hug. This will instantly give off signals that you are glad to see him/her. In turn, this will relax your partner and he/she will feel that you are excited to spend the rest of the day with him/her.

If you are both watching television, gently hold his/her hand in yours. Little signs of affection like these can help save your marriage because it shows that you value him/her in your life. Once the two of you are alone and the children are sleeping, you can give him/her meaningful looks to send the message “I want you now.” This will definitely spice up your marriage and your private time together as a couple.

3. Travel and make new adventures together

It does not matter if you will go on an expensive getaway to other countries or just a weekend trip somewhere, what matters is that you two can spend quality time together. Traveling with your partner helps save your marriage by reminding him/her of the fun times that you two shared when you were still newlyweds.

Take him/her to places that both of you treasure, like where you had your first day or where he proposed. Such acts can save your marriage because you are expressing to your partner how you value every moment and memory that you two shared. It will also show that you are ready to face more challenges – fun or not – as long as the two of you are together, and will live until death do you part.

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